Cape Community

Our history and the
impact we have made

Our vision was born in 1990 within the hearts of 3 people over 30 years ago.

The organization’s work is particularly focused on people who are disadvantaged by poverty such as older people, people with mental health and physical disabilities, the house bound (shut-ins), asylum seekers and to give respite to Carers.  To this end, the organization seeks and continues to work with individuals and groups within communities to improve their general wellbeing, quality of life and social inclusion.  

The Centre

A ‘Communities’ local hub for community activities which encourages individuals to come together, share, learn new skills and develop their capacity to address our community’s prominent social and health concerns.  We provide healthy 2 course meal to attendees and, accessible and affordable activities, social events, and day trips to keep them active, build self-confidence, develop friendships, and encourage social interaction.

This supports the reduction of social isolation and loneliness aiding independence and enabling individuals to live in their homes longer taking the pressure of NHS. Early ‘Primary care’ supports a more resilient integrated community that tackle our community’s diverse needs.

The Centre having a positive track record of successful projects from conception – devised by beneficiaries to being developed into resilient, valued and an anchored service for beneficiaries with productive outcomes e.g. Day Care Centre which is run independently, Visiting and a Befriending Service – waiting list, Youth Creation Kids Club – established for over 5 years and our current Re-Stimulating-You project – waiting list and increased membership. These projects demonstrate meeting the needs, reflecting positive changes by improving beneficiaries’ lives.

Our Volunteers and Community members make the difference.

The organisation is governed by a dedicated group of volunteers some that also form the management committee as trustees.  Age range 18-64.   Proud to host several students on Health & Social Care placements each year gaining valuable experience.

Reviews and Evaluations are completed quarterly by Beneficiaries, Volunteers, Local businesses, and community members which reflect our current and ongoing changing service ensuring we are ‘current’ and ‘fit for purpose’ addressing the needs of our Beneficiaries within our Community. 

Awards and Centre Highlights :

  • Chair awarded British Citizen’s award for volunteer work.
  • Chair awarded Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Platinum Champion award.
  • Community Inspiration & Excellence Awards for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019
  • Chairman receives ‘Queens Honour Award’ BEM .
  • Jamaica 🇯🇲 National Local HERO’s Award 2019 

Our Impact

  • We are currently supporting over 60 Vulnerable members within our Community.
  • We support local College and Education boards retraining of  young people in Health and Social Care = 4 Students
  • We host a seasonal Youth Club caring for 27-35 young people aged 6 to 14 years of age.
  • We host an annual Open Day attracting over 200 people from various cultures and backgrounds with educational and employment stands.
  • We Serve over 50 Hot meals each week to the Vulnerable = over 200 each Month
  • Meals on Wheels service to approx. 12 – 17 elderly ‘Hospital discharged’ and infirm people at home.
  • We refer/signpost on average 10-15 people to professional services each Month.
  • We encourage over 40 vulnerable participants to engage each month in physical activity at our scheduled classes.
  • We encourage over 60 vulnerable participants to engage in mental stimulation each month.
  • We have distributed over 100 Word search and Activity books to the vulnerable/elderly in the last 12 months.

Vulnerable Members Supported


Health & Social Care Students Trained


People Attend Our Open Day


Hot Meals Served Weekly


Monthly Sessions of Exercise


Word & Activity Books Distributed

83-year old Mr X lives alone. Had very ad-hoc support after been discharged from hospital has made enormous progress with the support of the home visiting service working and liaising with family/community services to ensure his physical mental and social needs were met.

Mr. X says the service was there at the right time for him. He now fully understands his health needs and complies with all the services involved with his care. The service has allowed Mr. X to feel valued and supported by having a named person to support him.

One of our Local service users, Client A, who is also 83 and loves to sing, so our befriender sang with her which has helped stimulate her mind, she smiles and recalls past experiences linked with the song. 

We found that Client B – who is 79 – was experiencing  deteriorating memory and mental capacity.  Her befriender turned their sessions into a quiz which she found fun and stimulating.

89-year old Client C seemed quiet and reserved – non talkative – but after time became to open up. Trust developed and a referral was made to professional services – after establishing the health need for this.